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IMPORTANT: Donations can only be accepted from Australian Citizens.*
Donations up to a total $1,500 for a financial year are tax deductible.

For everything we do and achieve, we need the support of the people. It is citizens taking responsibility across this nation that means we can face the powerful opposition from the Big Four banking monopoly and politicians who bow to their money and power.

The flyers, postage to activists, in-depth research, all the costs of activist delegations to elected officials and delegations to Canberra require financial support to carry out. There is also the production costs of our regular video content, The Citizens Report and Citizens Insight.

To continue to hold the government and elected officials to account we do need your help.

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The Citizens Party does not and cannot accept foreign donations under Australian Electoral Law. Please contact the Citizens Party on 1800 636 432 if you require clarification.
Non-Australian's are more than welcome to subscribe to the Australian Alert Service if you wish to be informed of the Citizens Party's work in Australia.