Homeowners & Bank Protection Bill THE ONLY SOLUTION

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This one-hour documentary was the first feature production from the Citizens Electoral Council.

This DVD illustrates why it is that Lyndon LaRouche is the world's leading economist, giving an insight into his method, then illustrating his forecasts in contrast to how the general economic breakdown crisis developed since the death of US President Franklin Roosevelt in 1945.

You may think "she'll be right mate! Australia has escaped the global recession." Look at the role of the disastrous economic policies of Bob Hawke and Paul Keating, continued by John Howard and Kevin Rudd. This has set Australians up to lose their homes, farms, superannuation and jobs in the current crisis.

There is a solution, but it does not involve bailouts, or stimulation packages.

The bankruptcy protection measures in the Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill are the only possible solution to a crisis that is far worse than most citizens, but definitely any political leader acknowledges, or even understands.

And to ensure justice is achieved, those politicians whose policies of privatisation, deregulation and economic rationalism worked hand-in-hand with private companies, giving them a cosy job after leaving politics, must be investigated in an Australian Pecora Commission.

This is your weapon to protect the population from the threat of a New Dark Age. Get as many DVDs as you can, and go out and organise!