Defeat the Synarchy—Fight for a National Bank

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October/November 20041 New Citizen - Vol 5 No 5 - 68 pages

Stop the Fascist Police State Laws!

In the 1930s Depression, some of Australia's leading corporations and families sponsored mass fascist armies against the attempts of the Labor governments of Scullin and NSW Premier Jack Lang, to put the interests of the Common Good above those of the financiers. In the early 1940s, those same financiers set up the Liberal Party.

Today, a new global depression looms, and the Big Business-controlled Liberal Party has passed more police state powers (with Labor's help) than Hitler himself had in early 1933, and for the same reason—not to "fight terrorism", but to control the population.

An explosive feature report in the Citizens Electoral Council's April 2004 New Citizen newspaper "names the names" of the financial interests who pushed fascism then, and who are pushing it today: "The Pro-Hitler, Fascist Origins of the Liberal Party". It is an urgent contribution to stop the creeping fascist takeover now in progress.


Book Review: Treason in High Places—The Brisbane Line
Film Review: Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ"
LaRouche: The Night They Came to Kill Me
Economic Rationalism: The New Name for Schachtian Economics

Defeat the Synarchists—Fight for a National Bank

I. The Synarchy:A Fascist World Empire
     Who Are the Synarchists?
     The Synarchist Beast-men

II. National Banking—The Cornerstone of Sovereignty
     LaRouche on National Banking
     Australia’s Battle for Sovereignty and a National Bank
     The Money Power vs. the Whitlam Government
     A New National Bank

III. The Pro-Hitler, Fascist Origins of the Liberal Party

     The 1930s Synarchist Assault on Australia
        Jack Lang and Frank Anstey on the Synarchy
        The "Red Menace" and the Fascist "Citizens Leagues"
        The Stormtroopers—I: The League for National Security
        The Collins House Group
        Herbert Brookes and the Secret Armies
        The Stormtroopers—II: The Old Guard and the New Guard

     The Liberal Party: The New Face of Synarchism
        The Synarchy's Political Parties
        The Lying Mass Media
        Robert Gordon Menzies: Would-be Petain of Britain
        The "New Liberalism": The Old Fascism
        Friedrich von Hayek, Founding Father of the Liberal Party
        "The Association": Old Guard and LNS Regroup

     Post-War Fascism: The Mont Pelerin Society
        Mont Pelerin's Puppets: Liberal and Labor
        The Macquarie Bank
        The MPS Think Tanks
        Liberal Party Funding

     Populism: The Enemy Within
Hanson, Costello: One Coward, One Liar
        The Politics of Fear

IV. The Fascist Laws
     Australia's 'Notverordnung'

V. The Privy Council's Anti-Defamation Commission: An Arm of Synarchy
     Sir Zelman Cowen: Picking Up Where the Old Guard Left Off
     Cowen's Role Model: The Old Guard's Sir John Latham
     The ADC/Leibler Gang: Foreign Wars and a Domestic Police State
     The "Anti-Defamation" Racket
     The Review: A Front for the Money Power
     Jabotinsky: A Jewish Fascist
     A Typical Synarchist Operative: David Greason
     The AIR Crowd: Covering Up for the Holocaust
     LaRouche's Record on Fighting Racism
     LaRouche on Anti-Semitism