Defeat the British Crown’s Green Fascist Dictatorship

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October/November 2011 New Citizen - Vol 7 No 6 - 52 pages

Defeat the British Crown's Green Fascist Dictatorship

13 October 2011—Amidst a rising chorus of panic from governments, financial institutions and the mass media, the Global Financial Crisis deepens by the hour. All acknowledge that it is far worse now than in those perilous days of 2007-08 when the entire system teetered on the brink. Terrified governments continue to pour tens of trillions of dollars of taxpayers' funds into the world's major private banks, to no avail. This global bailout must be cancelled, and sweeping remedial measures taken very soon, or we will plunge into the worst depression in world history, far worse than that of the 14th-century Dark Age. Then, one-third of Europe's population perished from starvation, endemic warfare, general chaos and the Black Death. Now, the world's population will plunge to less than a billion, perhaps far less.

The British Crown has intended such worldwide mass death since the end of the 19th century. It was their stated purpose in creating the eugenics movement then, and it is the stated purpose of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in sponsoring that movement today, rebranded since the end of World War II as "environmentalism". The systematic Green Fascist crippling of agriculture, industry, infrastructure, and the urgently-needed development of nuclear power has devastated the world's economy since the 1960s, far more than even the unbridled speculation by the Crown-centred City of London and its appendage on Wall Street.

This special issue of the New Citizen lays bare the history of the British Crown's creation of Green Fascism over the past century for the purpose of perpetrating mass murder, including in Australia. Surveying the mass of evidence presented within, no honest reader could dispute the facts, the conclusion to which they lead, or the present coordinating role of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. After all, the Queen's own climate-change envoy, her honoured servant Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, has shouted from the rooftops that the world's "carrying capacity" is less than one billion human beings, while her Royal Consort has been demanding genocide for decades, and has personally led the world's Green Fascist movement towards that end since his founding of the World Wildlife Fund in 1961. ...


"Educating the Mass Strike: Cosmic Radiation beats Green Fascism"

LaRouche: Breakdown Crisis Is Tantamount to General War
     Questions and Answers

Universal Principles vs. Sense Certainty
     Plato vs. Aristotle: Battle for the Mind of Man
     Mysticism vs. Physical Science
     Christianity: Man Created in the Image of God
     The Birth of Modern Science and the Nation-State
     Venice: Destroy the Renaissance and Christianity
     Zorzi: Venetian Sex-Advisor to King Henry VIII
     Paolo Sarpi: A Devil in Priest's Robes
     Leibniz's Principle of Sufficient Reason
     Foundations of Science
     Visible Radiation: Light
     Invisible Radiation
     Cosmic Radiation

The Humbuggery of Charles Darwin
     Darwinism Gives Birth to Eugenics
     Darwin: Not a Man, but a Project
     Alexander von Humboldt's Real Science of Nature
     "Survival of the Fittest"
     Members of Huxley's X Club
     Real Evolution: the Self-developing Biosphere
     Climate Change 'Models' Ignore Cosmic Rays
     Cambridge Researchers Declare: Human Brain Has Maxed Out

The Noösphere of Vernadsky and LaRouche
     Bringing the Biosphere and Noösphere Concepts to the World
     Beginnings: Soil Science and Geological History
     The Biosphere: Cosmic Origins and the Biogenic Migration of Atoms
     Chlorophyll and the Infrastructure of Life
     Life, the Most Powerful Geological Force
     States of Space
     Vernadsky's Time
     British Genocidalist Cabal Hated and Feared Vernadsky
     LaRouche Continues Vernadsky's Noösphere

The British Crown Created Green Fascism

The Second Law of Thermodynamics Is a Fraud!

The American System and the Scientific Revolution of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

What is the Oligarchy? Learn from Aeschylus!

The Real British Empire
     The Nature of the Crown
     The Queen as Dictator
     The Queen's Privy Council

John Ruskin: Apostle of the "New Dark Age"

The WWF: Race Science and World Government
     Sir Julian Huxley: "Too Many People"
     Max Nicholson, High Priest of Environmentalism
     His Royal Virus Prince Philip
     The WWF at 50: Philip and Sir David Attenborough
     Prince Charles Takes Over

Heil Philip! How the Royals Created the Australian Conservation Foundation to Unleash Green Fascism

Australia Must Increase its Carbon Footprint!

Australia in Lockdown

Australia: Go Vacuum Maglev!