Australia's Blueprint for Economic Development

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April 2006 New Citizen - Vol 5 No 6 - 44 pages

Australia's Blueprint for Economic Development

This special issue of the New Citizen is an expanded form of our February 2002 Special Report, The Infrastructure Road to Recovery: Let's Build Our Way Out of the Depression! Since then, the Synarchy (Sin'-ar-kee—the financial oligarchy) has continued to loot Australia, its citizens, and its infrastructure, and so to destroy any hope for a better future for ourselves, and for our children and grandchildren. Everything that we said then is even more right today, and more urgent. Our health system has continued to disintegrate, not to mention the waiting time before you can even manage to get into the hospital. We are facing the worst water crisis in 100 years, because we never developed adequate water supplies. Our education is a joke: Leaving aside its poor quality, what young person without wealthy parents can afford a uni degree often costing $100,000 or more? And, with the exception of the Alice to Darwin line and a couple of smaller State projects, our railroad system has continued to disintegrate. Already in 1998, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications, Transport and Microeconomic Reform of the Federal Parliament found that "Without urgent and substantial investment in this infrastructure, major sections of the national rail network are likely to become irretrievable within ten years." That was eight years ago, and little has been done. Our power supplies—now largely deregulated—are grossly inadequate for a modern nation, often subjecting us to blackouts, brown-outs, or power restrictions like a Third World nation.

The Way Out

This New Citizen proposes a well thought-out, inspiring vision of what our nation could be, and, indeed, must be, if it is to survive. What is the likelihood of that vision actually coming true, you might ask? There are two answers to that. First, if you just sit on your bum and don't organise with the Citizens Electoral Council to make it happen, then obviously it never will. But second, this vision can not be implemented within Australia alone. The Synarchy has fostered globalisation worldwide in order to loot and destroy nation states. Their power now is such that there is only one hope to defeat them, and that depends upon the titanic political battle now being fought in the United States, between the Synarchy and those forces in both the Democratic and Republican parties allied with economist and statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. The globalists here, such as Howard, and Labor as typified by Beazley, are mere puppets for Tony Blair and Cheney/Bush. When the big boys in London and Washington go, their toadies here can be defeated as well. For historical reasons elaborated within, the U.S. is a unique nation on this planet by virtue of the way it was founded, as dedicated to the General Welfare of all its citizens—as specified in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution—for which purpose the control of banking and credit was vested in the hands of the U.S. Congress, the elected representatives of the people. In Europe, in Australia and in most other nations, a private banking cabal controls the central bank and thus all credit. Private banker-controlled parliamentary governments like our own are mere puppets for such cabals. In his March 2, 2006 speech in Berlin, Germany and in his January 19, 2006 article, Deficits As Capital Gains: How to Capitalise a Recovery, LaRouche outlines the strategy for victory over the Synarchy. He also outlines an extraordinary vision for the future of this planet for the next fifty years. We either fight alongside LaRouche, or we face a planetary New Dark Age. The choice is indeed that stark, as you will see.



The Infrastructure Road to Recovery—Let’s Build Our Way Out of the Depression!
     Build the Eurasian Land-Bridge!
     Revive the Nation-State and the Common Good
     Rebuild Australia's Collapsed Infrastructure
     Develop the Biosphere, and the Noosphere
     A Snowy Veteran Keeps Fighting

Populate or Perish: We Need 50 Million People!
     62 Million Australians by 2050?
     The Nation-State and Population Growth
     Prince Philip and Other Great Apes
     LaRouche's "Potential Relative Population Density"

Building a Nation: The Snowy Scheme
     The Snowy Vision
     William Hudson: Snowy Mountains Engineer

Great Water Projects
     Water for Australia
     The Fitzroy River
     The Ord and Victoria Rivers
     The Daly, the Roper, and the Gulf of Carpentaria Rivers
     The Reid Scheme
     The Bradfield Scheme
     The Dawson Scheme
     The Burnett River
     The Clarence Scheme
     The Murray-Darling Basin
     Northwest Victoria
     Finke River
     Esperance-Kalgoorlie Pipeline
     Perth/Wheat Belt

Conquering Our Salinity Problem
     Australia Must Go Nuclear!
     Australia's Nuclear History
     Australia and the Current Global Reality
     Exposing the Myths
     The High-Temperature Reactor is Coming
     Projects for Seawater Desalination
     Super-Safe Nuclear Power: the Meltdown-Proof Pebble Bed Reactor
     Hot Air Over Wind Energy

A Great Railway Boom
The Asian Express
     A Maglev Rail System

A World Leader In High-Speed Shipping
     Fast Boat to China: Australian-Made High-Speed Shipping
     Economic Necessity, Political Will
     "Can-do" Shipping—the Australian National Line

Conquering Space
An Abandoned Early Start in Space
     Where Australia Stands Today
     Interview with Andy Thomas

Rebuilding the Health System
A Collapsing System
     Health Care and the Common Good
     The Queen of Economic Rationalism—the Mont Pelerin Society
     Mayhem and Murder—the Kennett "Reforms"
     The Nuremberg Precedent—Denial of Medical Care
     Now, Let's Rebuild!

Education: Dummies Won't Develop Australia
A Science-Driver Economy